We offer consulting, production, advisory and analytical services in various areas, including IT operations

Our consultants and production staff offer service solutions in various areas, including IT operations.

Agile consulting company offers strategic advisory and consulting services in various user areas, including IT operations in Helsinki

We are a UK based IT consulting company offering IT operations consulting services throughout the world. We have been expanding steadily and our clients come from all corners of the globe.

Our team has grown to over 30 people, around 80% of whom have experience in the IT industry. With that in mind, we can offer not-for-profit consulting projects on subjects such as cloud, Mobile and Enterprise technologies, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and other related subjects.

We provide consulting, production, advisory and analytical services in various areas, including IT operations. These include:

We are operators of a full-stack consultancy firm. We specialize in handling complex tasks related to IT operations.

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Our services include our in-house digital product development and consulting, as well as production and advisory services providing professional support for digital products. We provide all kinds of digital products and platforms, from online storefronts to web-based applications, including IT infrastructures.

By the end of 2016, nearly 30% of all digital companies were quoted in “The World’s 50 Most Promising Companies” by Deloitte. These companies are listed on the “20 Fastest Growing Companies” list by Forbes.

Our consulting company is specialized in IT operations, customer service and integration. We aim to provide our clients with a reliable service that holds up to global standards. Our customers include large multinationals, start-ups and SMEs as well as small businesses who want to use modern technology products and services for their business purposes.

our main product is our own content management system which is a web base for advanced elearning. the project which was successfully completed in the beginning of 2013 and has been running since then.

We have also helped several companies to develop web based applications and to provide them with solutions for their complex IT systems; cloud-based solutions, local area network technology not only, but also Internet based data communication technologies (CAT5/6) as well as internet video conferencing. In addition, we offer our customers the possibility of controlling their local area network by means of our own developed software called MCN-software. We are able to provide various solutions concerning large scale networks consisting of many different networks working together. Our small company has gained experience over the years in all this field, that is why we are capable of offering our customers a wide range of suitable solutions concerning local area network technology not only.

One of the most popular challenges for software developers is to create cool features that are not easily accessible by non-technical users. The word “out-of-the box” has become a catchphrase for ideas for new features in software development, which create a lot of buzz and excitement among the community. In recent years such computing power has been distributed to end users through mobile devices and cloud services, resulting in an explosion of possibilities to customize various components and quickly build applications that are not only useful but also eye candy.

The idea behind the phrase “out-of-the box” originated from a company called Apple Inc., where Steve Jobs introduced this concept to consumers through his famous speech at Macworld Expo 2001: “We’ve got out-of-the box thinking right here.” However, Apple was actually talking about their product: The iPhone was out of its box when it hit the market on June 18.

After graduating college, we thought we would join the IT industry to be a part of the global web development and management world. However, as they say, life is full of surprises.

We decided to change course when our favourite agency told us that they could use our skills in A2B (Advertising-to-Business) and specialise in IT consulting. We realised that consulting was a very good match with what we love most: startups and unique projects.