Groundswell Consulting is a small, specialized consulting company based in Helsinki, Finland

Groundswell Consulting is a small, specialized consulting company based in Helsinki, Finland. We are a creative development agency and focus on all types of content creation, from planning to implementation. We provide consulting services as well as training for the whole content creation chain.

After graduating from the University of Helsinki, Finnish content writer Johanna Heinonen has founded Groundswell Consulting in 2005 with the goal of providing a unique solution to all kinds of content generation in the digital world.

All things can be automated: databases, websites and software applications. In order to keep up with increasing demand for online content, Groundswell has decided to automate everything.

Groundswell is an international consulting company that provides customized consulting services to companies in the technology and automotive industry. It focuses on helping global brands, such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and Cisco, to find better ways to communicate with their customers. Their consulting partners typically have significant infrastructure investments and know-how in a single technology or sector.

Groundswell Consulting is a consultancy company based in Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 2010 and operated by a small but highly talented team, we help clients develop new products by accelerating their research and product development processes.

Here are a few reasons why we have decided to expand our services.

The main problem we face at Groundswell is that our clients often need long-term services, while they also want short & specific solutions here and there.

Our client base consists of many different niche industries such as social media, advertising agencies and even startups! The growth potential for these niches is huge and the demand for their services is boundless – so why not provide them with the most efficient solution available? In addition to the fact that we can do a great job for you on your business projects – we will also be able to help you out with niche problems on your personal ones as well!

We are a small consulting company based in Helsinki, Finland. We work with a diverse set of clients, ranging from individual customers to large public institutions.

Groundswell Consulting is a small, specialized consulting company based in Helsinki, Finland. It mainly works on database and IT consulting. Groundswell Consulting delivers the best advice at the right price.

Groundswell is a small, specialized consulting company based in Helsinki, Finland. We help clients with their project development and management by providing them with services such as business analysis, feasibility studies, technical documentation and the creation of content.

Groundswell Consulting is a small consulting company that is guided by three main goals:

To provide high quality knowledge and advice to its clients, To raise the bar for how companies and individuals can collaborate in the digital age, and To provide support and guidance for those who need it.

A good way to start is by following Groundswell’s daily blog. It includes content like news from the world of IT, analytics from popular websites, opinion pieces on interesting topics in the media, videos that cover different topics relating to culture in Finland etc. The blog also provides useful links to relevant sources of information and useful links to social media channels. Groundswell also hosts a newsletter service which should be read frequently as it offers good insight into what’s happening in the digital economy.