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Why I think the Internet will survive even in the medium term

As the predictable series of crisis starts to bite (climate change, peak energy, deforestation, soil degradation & water scarcity to start with), what will be the first large element of the modern society to buckle? One of the most visionary … Continue reading

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Review: Permaculture – A Designers’ Manual

After reading some texts on permaculture and finding the topic quite fascinating, I decided to learn “all” about it and read the permaculture “Bible”, Bill Mollison’s Permaculture – A Designers’ Manual. This huge book is the textbook for the Permaculture … Continue reading

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Review: The End of Growth

Almost a year ago, I read Tim Jackson’s Prosperity Without Growth that discussed the necessity of devising a financial system that isn’t dependent on economic growth. Again returning to the topic, I just finished Richard Heinberg’s brand new book The … Continue reading

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Review: Permaculture – Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability

Still continuing with the book reviews; I promise to post something more original after this bout of upskilling. Anyhow, after starting to learn more about permaculture from the rather “light” and gardening-focused introduction to permaculture (see previous post), I now … Continue reading

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