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Making (personal) sense of a disintegrating world

A lot of people – usually people who don’t actually know me – think I’m a pessimist. There are some things that even readers of this blog will know I believe in; things like inevitable catastrophic climate change, end of … Continue reading

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Nuclear will not save the day

I am of the opinion that the world is about to face an energy crisis of somewhat epic proportions; even if the most dire impacts of the fossil fuel “peak oil” were to be postponed by rapid ramp-up of oil … Continue reading

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Oil prices rising for all the wrong reasons

As most people have noticed, either at the pump or from the news, oil prices have again risen over $100 per barrel. As of this writing the benchmark Brent spot crude is trading at $116/bbl. Although oil prices have been … Continue reading

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Review: Post Carbon Reader

The last environmentally oriented big-picture book on my reading list for now was “The Post Carbon Reader: Managing the 21st century’s sustainability crisis“, edited by Richard Heinberg & Daniel Lergh, but written by literally dozens of well-known authors. I was … Continue reading

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