New guestbook entries can be left as comments here. I realize guestbooks are so 1990’s, but I still like having one.

I’ve moved the old entries that were left on my homepage during 2000-2004 to a separate post. Entries from 1995 to 2000 have been, I think, unfortunately lost somewhere.

18 Responses to Guestbook

  1. heather says:

    nice page you have here, the photos are nice 🙂

  2. terry says:

    new mainly boogie site now online, boogie boarding at its greasiest!!

    love love

  3. Ilkka says:

    Really good page you have here!

  4. K says:

    very nice pictures… striking.. keep up the great work!

  5. Mar says:

    was looking for nice pictures of Finland and came across your page. Am Spanish but spent a year in Finland 7 years ago. Sometimes i get a little bit of nostalgia. Want to print a few pictures to frame them and hang them on my living room.


  6. Found the site interesting.
    I’ve published something in my Parayil A. Tharakan Blog about Finland. You are invited to visit it.

  7. minnamari says:

    menipä tässä tunteroinen sivujasi lukiessa, kiitos!
    compliments on your command of the english language! nearly perfect…

  8. minnamari says:

    suosittelisin teille LÄMPIMÄSTI myös punaviiniin tutustumista ruokajuomana. erittäin tärkiää olis ottaa viiniä suuhunsa sammaan aikaan sen ruuan kaa.
    kaikki punaviinit ei oo “happamia” tai “kovia”;
    kokkeilkaapa vaikka saksalaista lauffeneria!
    tai sitte uuven maailman, tai jopa burgundilaisia, pinot noir’eja, tai sitte gamay -rypäleestä tehtyjä vinejä.
    alakon nettiisivvuilta jo löytyy vaikka kuinka palijo mahtavaa tietua aiheesta (vaikkonki niitä monopolijuttuja).

  9. Hilja says:

    I’ve discovered your page a few days ago and I really enjoyed it =)
    That’s why I added it in my Favorites Websites.

    I’m french, I try to speak and understand English as well as I can, but expressing me is harder..

    I’ll came in your page regularly to check up on the news 🙂

    I came in Helsinki next april, the first time I came there.. I’m really excited about it !

    Well, wish you the best.

  10. Heikki says:

    Enjoyable pictures! A different point of view is very useful in many areas of life and you have shown its meaning concretely in taking pictures!

  11. Great winter pics! Share your sentiments – only some 180 before it gets warm. Auch… Anyway, better to go out and ski when can in between.

  12. Wayne Kaboni says:

    I am looking for a copy of the book Social Innovations from Finland

  13. SkyBot says:

    Awesome site, great articles and photos. Also, very cool to keep old guestbook entries – I was starting to think guestbooks were passĂ©…not sure if anyone under 20something even knows what they are?

    Enjoy surviving winter, we have a Nordic clime here as well and light in in short supply – those lit up bus stop signs you guys have are very neat!

  14. Jonna says:

    Hei Sami! Loysin sivuillesi kun etsin tietoa lakkoilusta Suomessa. Olen Englannissa asuva 32-vuotias nainen. Sivustosi on todella mukava! Palaan varmasti toistekin lukemaan juttujasi.

  15. Riina Aapa says:

    Moikka Sami!
    Kiva blogi! Vilkaisin myös suomenkielistä blogiasi ja huomasin olevani monessa asiassa samaa mieltä.
    Nimim. “Onneks on villasukat”

  16. Jane says:

    Hei Sami.
    Tosi Hyvää blogissa.
    I found it just the other day and its just so lovely to read.
    its a nice memory from when i used to live in Finland too.

  17. toni saarinen says:

    Moro Samille! Kaikuja nuoruudesta,googlettamalla löysin ja piti terveiset Itävallasta (viim 7vuotta ) lähettää! Hienot Sivut ,kaikkea hyvää perheellesi elämään :)!-toni saarinen-

  18. Hi, Just found your blog, seems very interesting and that we are rather like-minded.
    You might enjoy me recently published book Garden Earth: from hunter and gatherers to global capitalism and thereafter. Or perhaps you don’t need it as I see that you have covered quite a lot of ground anyway.

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