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Mobile extremism & ignorance good for nobody

Ever since the iPhone launched some years ago and ended up being, by most measures, a big success, I feel the tech press has been getting increasingly mean. And I don’t like it one bit. These days not a day … Continue reading

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Myki: another public transit ticketing disaster

Meet the Myki card, a brand new smart card, the backbone of the high-tech public transport ticketing system in Melbourne. Or not. If you’re a sensible consumer, you will stay away from it as long as possible. When the Matkakortti … Continue reading

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When lack of competition makes you go hungry and other food whines

We’ve all heard the supposed reasons behind the increasing food prices; rising fuel and other costs, failed crops and all that. Some of them are downright lies and the others are becoming increasingly dubious as over the past 6-12 months … Continue reading

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Random thoughts of the day #13

As the season enters the dark period, most people in Finland also turn gloomy and bitchy like I’ve often noted. To get my share of it out of my system, here are some of my pet peeves of the season. … Continue reading

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