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Don’t call for innovation to save the economy – call on it to save the planet

It has become a common theme in politics and business alike to emphasize the critical role innovation will play in economic growth. Businesses are told to innovate or die, that only through increasingly rapid innovation will they be able to … Continue reading

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What country has relatively most people getting stuck there against their will? Zimbabwe.

Migration is about as multifaceted and charged topic as they get. In an ideal world, free movement of people sounds great – but it doesn’t take much to realize that if that were suddenly possible, we’d be looking at societal … Continue reading

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Building barriers or tearing them down?

I’m having a hard time finding time to write about a few topics that require some significant groundwork to get to, so here’s one thing that often bothers me; completely unnecessary barriers people often unconsciously put up. Do ecologically responsible … Continue reading

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Brussels, Paris & random travel notes

A few weeks ago I did another gig for the European Commission and spent a couple of weeks in Brussels and did quick detour to Paris. This is primarily a photo post, though I must apologize for the image quality … Continue reading

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