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Timing payments

I bumped into an interesting old article in Harvard Business Review from 2002; Pricing and the Psychology of Consumption by John Gourville. That lead me to Gourville’s earlier research, including the background study for the article: Behavioral Effects of Temporally … Continue reading

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and small things

Most people have probably heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, one of the cornerstones of motivational theory. While rightly critized at times, the model does serve to demonstrate at least one thing: even small disruptions on the lowest levels (like … Continue reading

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Meet the newest xQ member: CQ

First we had IQ for measuring your intelligence. Then came EQ for emotional intelligence. Some people also talk about SQ for spiritual intelligence, although that was really stretching it if you ask me. Now the newest member makes a little … Continue reading

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