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Strategies to avoiding danger

Nobody wants to be a victim of a crime or other nasty incidents. While most people are still honest in that you don’t have to be constantly on high alert, some crime avoidance strategies are in order especially when you’re … Continue reading

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Rating the underrated

I’ve always considered Ylioppilaslehti (a bimonthly Finnish student paper) as mostly boring, but the newest issue had one good article: Suomen yliarvostetuimmat ja aliarvostetuimmat: an article about the most overrated and the most underrated things in Finland. A few points … Continue reading

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That’s what you think

In many cases the factual situation and what people think the situation is differ dramatically. This doesn’t sound like an issue per se, but it becomes a major problem when one realizes that most of our actions are based on … Continue reading

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You put it there and no one will use it

I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to mundane things, people are lazy. Of course some people, including myself, prefer to call it optimization instead of laziness. I find one materialization of this optimization in myself whenever … Continue reading

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