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Nudging Your Worldview

When was the last time you experienced or read something that changed how you view the world? Changed it so much that you took note of it? How we see and experience the world is a fluid thing, an amalgamation … Continue reading

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What if the techno-utopians are wrong? In search of alternative narratives.

What do you think when you think about the future? Do you think about the future? Most people don’t all that often, but the topic is hard to escape amidst today’s future-focused rhetoric. It’s all about innovating for the future, … Continue reading

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The New Media Diet

It’s news to nobody that the news and media industry has gone through, and continues to go through, some tough times. Whether as a result or a cause of it, most content today – excuse my French – sucks. The … Continue reading

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Interesting Reads Postponed

Effective today, our team moved to a different office. The distance from the old one is less than four kilometers, but the difference is huge – unfortunately for the worse. The first and foremost reason being that this place, Karaportti, … Continue reading

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