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Making (personal) sense of a disintegrating world

A lot of people – usually people who don’t actually know me – think I’m a pessimist. There are some things that even readers of this blog will know I believe in; things like inevitable catastrophic climate change, end of … Continue reading

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2012 in Pictures

And so we’re done with another year; I would like to repeat the speed-of-time-related complaints from last year, but luckily it’s also been a very eventful year (luckily because the events have mostly been positive). January evenings are often spent … Continue reading

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Notes from a leave

A couple of days ago I finished the longest leave I’ve had in years; being completely disconnected from work and mostly disconnected from all things online for five weeks does wonders. The experience brought up lots of thoughts, some of … Continue reading

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Back to basics

A couple of weeks ago, as most of the family was struggling with an epic [1] influenza season our family welcomed its newest member: Luckily my wife was not afflicted at the time and semi-modern wonders of overdosed [2] self-medication … Continue reading

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