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Diminishing returns in mobile technology

My home PC, almost five years old, still performs all required tasks quite well (I don’t do gaming). While there’s been plenty of technological progress in the past years, a new PC bought today would not accomplish anything fundamentally different … Continue reading

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Most apps don’t make money. So?

One of the recent annoying trends in the mobile business domain has been the attitude towards apps. Most of the media extols apps as the next big thing, the gold rush everyone must get at now or miss billions of … Continue reading

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Mobile extremism & ignorance good for nobody

Ever since the iPhone launched some years ago and ended up being, by most measures, a big success, I feel the tech press has been getting increasingly mean. And I don’t like it one bit. These days not a day … Continue reading

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On the obsession with smartphones, part II

Okay, the previous post got sidetracked from my intended point(s), so I will try to return to them here shortly. 1) You don’t need a smartphone to use advanced services This is a point equally valid for service providers and … Continue reading

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