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The New Media Diet

It’s news to nobody that the news and media industry has gone through, and continues to go through, some tough times. Whether as a result or a cause of it, most content today – excuse my French – sucks. The … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Lean Startup and the limits of success

Eric Ries and his Lean Startup methodology are all the rage in entrepreneurial circles these days, regardless of whether one is talking about enterprises or startups in the more traditional sense. Some time ago, I got around to reading his … Continue reading

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Is the first step of innovation ignoring all the advice?

Regardless of how one defines innovation, there is no shortage of people offering guidance on how innovation should be done properly, how it can be done more efficiently, how it definitely should NOT be done, how it has been done … Continue reading

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Review: Consensus-Oriented Decision Making

I took the opportunity to start this year’s reading with some more work-related material (even though the broader theme of skills in decision making and conflict resolution form important parts of my wider future-preparedness plan as well), I took a … Continue reading

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