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How resilient is modern society?

The answer in short, it seems, is “not very”. And that’s because modern societies are so massively reliant on two things: electricity and fossil fuels. Our dependence on electricity in particular and how vulnerable our delivery system for it is, … Continue reading

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Which Internet services will you pay for?

Most of us use many Internet services without paying much attention to the underlying business models – or lack thereof. The following observation by the Economist a couple of weeks back has a more profound impact than people are so … Continue reading

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Why mobile & Internet are more valuable media

When one gathers the main media consumption patterns of people and sums up the figures, you end up with an interesting dilemma. For example, Finns: Watch an average of 3 hours 13 minutes of television daily [article] Listen to the … Continue reading

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Hello, Internet – bye bye, battery

Among industry experts, it has long been known that so-called “always-on” mobile Internet applications present a huge and currently largely unsolved problem for battery life longevity. There various technical and non-technical reasons for this that I will not get into … Continue reading

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