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Backwater Australia – or maybe not?

There is a general consensus or at least an attitude in Europe that Australia is quite a bit behind in most, particularly technological, things. However, there was also a general consensus in Europe that it was leading the mobile devices … Continue reading

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The arbitrary and damaging obsession with smartphones (vs others)

Will smartphones end up killing the operator ARPUs? Okay, let’s take a step or two back. In the mobile phone industry, there are few things more misleading than the split to smartphones and other phones. The concept of “smartphones” has … Continue reading

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Android gets interesting

I’ve been somewhat skeptical on Android over the past couple of years. Now, however, it seems that Google is on to something that can be a game-changer on a few levels – free turn-by-turn navigation with Android, essentially delivering a … Continue reading

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Who runs your favorite mobile service?

This is a cross-post with my contribution at This might seem like a stupid question – after all, if you’re hooked on for example Twitter, your service is being run by Twitter. Right? Wrong. It is in fact likely … Continue reading

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