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Idiots in (in)action and other environmental thoughts

Ignorance is bliss? When you’re faced with a problem, who do you turn to for help? Chances are that the best advice comes from experts of the particular field that your problem is in. This is also the case with … Continue reading

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Showers with a (street) view and other oddities at the Housing Fair

Like almost every year, we spent one day at the Housing Fair which was conveniently located in Espoo this year. Overall this year was worse than average – there weren’t as many nice houses as some time ago in Heinola … Continue reading

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Who are you? Call to ID yourself.

It’s inevitable, at some point in a blog’s life, to ask for identification of those reading it. That time has now come here – so if you’ve been reading this blog for, say, more than just this post, please let … Continue reading

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Recommended reading of the week

Many of my weeks are dominated by text; reading and writing. In the course of any given week, I stumble upon many interesting articles or documents. Below are a few interesting ones from the archives: Gregory D. Foster: “A New … Continue reading

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