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Interesting Reads Postponed

Effective today, our team moved to a different office. The distance from the old one is less than four kilometers, but the difference is huge – unfortunately for the worse. The first and foremost reason being that this place, Karaportti, … Continue reading

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Stuff Happens

A few days ago, I added another bookmark to my browser – I now have 5,473 bookmarks. As can be expected, I never visit most of the sites after bookmarking them, but at least hoarding bookmarks has no negative environmental … Continue reading

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Cutting corners

Do urban planners care about natural patterns? The immediate answer, when looking around at the designs or the “designs” of pathways, walkways and crosswalks is of course that in most cases they don’t. More often than not the paved paths … Continue reading

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Signal blindness

What makes people miss clear signals of danger or imminent disaster? Companies have for a while now been very keen to learn to detect and act on weak signals, but forget the weak signals for the moment. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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