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Embracing the Unknown

Think about how much people – humanity, collectively – know today. The base of knowledge, and what we can do with it, is impressive. Yet we act as if it’s not; many great achievements of humanity go unnoticed or unappreciated. … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget How to Fly The Plane – Managing Technology Transitions Safely

A video of this recent impressive cross-wind landing at Schiphol airport found its way to my Facebook feed. Great work from the pilot, but in the comments I saw a friend of a friend wondering if that was the auto-landing … Continue reading

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Time to shift from sustainability to resilience

In my previous post I mentioned my stance of climate change being a predicament rather than a problem. That’s just one of the challenges that are moving from the problem-space into the predicament-space. As that happens, we will need to … Continue reading

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Site refresh

As a visitor who has been here before will see, I have changed a bunch of things on this site. I have removed a whole deal of stale things, streamlined the site and simplified the look & feel. One of … Continue reading

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