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Review: Gaia’s Garden

Some time ago, I looked for some books that would provide a good introduction to the topic of permaculture. Turns out there’s quite a bit of literature on it and one of the ones I chose was Toby Hemenway’s Gaia’s … Continue reading

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Review: Eating Animals

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer is a very popular book about, well, eating animals. It paints a vivid picture of what it means to eat animals – and it does so skillfully from a number of perspectives such as … Continue reading

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Time to switch to organic agriculture

The record-high staple food prices, the near-catastrophic drought in China and a looming energy crisis have put one of the very basic things in focus again: food. People in Western countries often overlook how important food is – it seems … Continue reading

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When lack of competition makes you go hungry and other food whines

We’ve all heard the supposed reasons behind the increasing food prices; rising fuel and other costs, failed crops and all that. Some of them are downright lies and the others are becoming increasingly dubious as over the past 6-12 months … Continue reading

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