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More on snow & light

I know it’s uncharacteristic of me to have two posts on snow, but it’s such a rare phenomenon in Southern Finland nowadays that it’s warranted. You can click all the photos here to get a bigger version – my apologies … Continue reading

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Social innovations from Finland

A while back, our ex-neighbor gave us an interesting book called “100 Social Innovations from Finland“, which catalogs some of the social innovations that Finland has made. At first it sounds like a pretty self-righteous book but it’s actually quite … Continue reading

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X-Ray tape, tongue-tied Finns and more

Sticky tape makes x-rays This has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve learned recently. According to a recent Nature article (see e.g. the ABC story here or last week’s Economist): One of the more unusual things you … Continue reading

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Feeling ambivalent about The Fall

The fall, huh? There are actually two of those going on: Interpretation 1: we’re living the best of the fall season in Finland right now. Interpretation 2: the market crash. I’m feeling ambivalent about both. Here’s – briefly – why: … Continue reading

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