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Second impressions on Australia

Curiously, there’s no phrase “second impressions”, so what comes after first impressions? Noting that I wrote a couple of posts about first impressions of Australia some 2½ years ago ([1], [2]), it’s time to take stock of some cultural and … Continue reading

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Backwater Australia – or maybe not?

There is a general consensus or at least an attitude in Europe that Australia is quite a bit behind in most, particularly technological, things. However, there was also a general consensus in Europe that it was leading the mobile devices … Continue reading

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Random thoughts of the day

Goodbye Finland, Hello Soviet Union I think stores should be allowed to stay open anytime they wish to; hence, I welcome the May-August period when stores in Finland can be open on Sundays. Last Sunday I went to our local … Continue reading

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When lack of competition makes you go hungry and other food whines

We’ve all heard the supposed reasons behind the increasing food prices; rising fuel and other costs, failed crops and all that. Some of them are downright lies and the others are becoming increasingly dubious as over the past 6-12 months … Continue reading

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