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The three-hour dilemma; solar PV and peak demand

Installation of residential solar PV panels is ramping up globally; in the USA, installations more than doubled in the 2nd quarter of 2012 with a nominal capacity of 5.16GW across the country now [1]. Australia, however, is comparatively far ahead … Continue reading

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Why I think the Internet will survive even in the medium term

As the predictable series of crisis starts to bite (climate change, peak energy, deforestation, soil degradation & water scarcity to start with), what will be the first large element of the modern society to buckle? One of the most visionary … Continue reading

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On residential solar PV systems

I find solar electricity production a fascinating topic. One of the curiosities of Australia is that the country is among the best in the world for solar electricity production, yet the vast majority of electricity production is based on coal … Continue reading

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Time to switch to organic agriculture

The record-high staple food prices, the near-catastrophic drought in China and a looming energy crisis have put one of the very basic things in focus again: food. People in Western countries often overlook how important food is – it seems … Continue reading

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