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Stuff Happens

A few days ago, I added another bookmark to my browser – I now have 5,473 bookmarks. As can be expected, I never visit most of the sites after bookmarking them, but at least hoarding bookmarks has no negative environmental … Continue reading

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Disappearance of professionalism

I would claim that by and large, professionals are no longer valued. This development is by no means limited to any one walk of life, but is highly visible to everyone in places like retail sales and customer service. Primarily … Continue reading

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Summer in pictures, Part I: Pihlajasaari

Many people will tell you that the Finnish summer is all about summer cottages and sauna, preferably by a lake or sea. In fact, people will go as far as to tell you that the essence of being Finnish has … Continue reading

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What a nation world of couch potatoes

I was reading the paper today when I ran into a disturbing piece of statistics; according to Hesari (apparently quoting the Finnish Pulmonary Association, from where I was unable to find the original source for this) people in Finland spend … Continue reading

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