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The New Media Diet

It’s news to nobody that the news and media industry has gone through, and continues to go through, some tough times. Whether as a result or a cause of it, most content today – excuse my French – sucks. The … Continue reading

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Why my new home won’t be “smart”

(And with this cross-post from LinkedIn, the blog returns from its break.. I tried LinkedIn as a publishing platform for a while, but with more than half of the posts there experiencing issues of not being visible or comments not … Continue reading

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Review: What Your Contractor Can’t Tell You

Soon after moving to Australia, it became apparent that the local housing stock as a whole lacks some features I value; really basic stuff like being warm in the winter (i.e. insulation). Insulation, when building, is not expensive and it’s … Continue reading

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Total cost of different lighting types

Lighting, in allowing people to be productive outside daylight hours, is one of the most important applications of electricity. Given its importance, it’s pretty interesting that for most of the world, the mainstay technology – the incandescent bulb – has … Continue reading

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