About Me

Why is this site called ‘Only slightly bent?’

Sami in a nutshell

For better or worse, this site is not an anonymous blog nor a personal journal. The former implies that since you know who’s writing this, I’d appreciate knowing who’s reading this – so please let me know one way or another. The latter on the other hand means I normally don’t explicitly talk much about what I do in my daily life in any detail. For the most parts, this is beneficial for all parties. But to give you an idea of what kind of a person is writing this, here’s a short personal introduction.

Despite having deep roots in Finland, I classify myself as an ATCK and currently, after several detours in North America, live in Melbourne, Australia. As my day job, I am an Innovation Program Manager (aka herding cats) at the local #1 telco, with 15+ years of background in IT and all sides of the mobile business, from being an entrepreneur to working for the usual suspects. I also occasionally assist the European Commission in helping them decide how they invest some of the billions earmarked for R&D. My two most passionate hobbies are gastronomy and photography, followed by various sports, reading & writing, boardgames and last, but not least, travelling. I also share a deep interest in global affairs and sustainability, particularly the permaculture movement and related ideas.

I love the sky, fire, water, surf, ocean, waves, beaches, sunsets, scenic views, life, nature, animals, warmth, clouds, summer, forests, bushwalking, hiking, real people, warm people, technology, partying, peaceful quiet evenings, meeting people, doing everything new, doing nothing, being fully connected, being totally unreachable, music, city noise, silence, tranquillity of the wilderness, walking, exercising, new things, old familiar things, new cultures, having deadlines to work to, having no deadlines, meticulous planning, acting impulsively. Touching, feeling, smiling, laughing – life.

The collection of traits and likes is obviously seemingly self-contradictory, but we’re all a tapestry of such features and qualities, desires, experiences, hopes, fears and dreams – discordant as they may be, they’re all precious and cherished. Cognitive dissonance rules.

Getting in touch

In the remote chance that you happen to see me in person, just come over & talk to me – I won’t bite. For those in the rest of the world who give a hoot, there’s e-mail (remember to remove the spam-blocks).

For business-related inquiries, see my LinkedIn-profile by clicking here: View Sami Mäkeläinen's profile on LinkedIn

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Finally, I also write another blog in Finnish at http://australiaan.wordpress.com/ that focuses on Australia and tweet as @smakelainen.

Official disclaimer: everything in this blog, including all photos and text, represents purely my own personal opinion. Nothing in this blog or my other writings on the Internet represent in any way the views of my current or former employers.