San Francisco

In September, I got to spend a week in one of my favorite US cities on a business trip: San Francisco and the surroundings. It was pretty much a flat-out week, but by skimping on non-essentials like eating and sleeping, I got to go for a spin in the city with my camera.

You’ll find more photos from the appropriate section in the photo-gallery.

Other than that, it had been a few years since my previous US trip. Among the interesting observations that I made were:

  • AT&T still sucks. Seriously, how hard can it be to build a decent network? (Ok, so actually, it can be pretty hard in the US, but still, it shouldn’t take this long)

  • Silicon Valley is a pretty ironic place when it comes to environmental awareness. On one hand, it felt rather uncomfortable parking my V8 Dodge Challenger rental (thanks to Oracle OpenWorld participants for renting out the city’s normal cars..) next to the Teslas and Priuses. On the other hand, the whole place is still 50% parking lot and 50% one or two-story office buildings. Incredibly inefficient.

  • Surprisingly, particularly in light of the crappy networks, Silicon Valley has quickly become the place for advanced mobile services development and incubation. The transformation that has happened in just the past 5 years is amazing – not only the speed activity has ramped up in the Valley, but also the speed at which much of the rest of the world lost the lead.

All in all, I still love San Francisco. Too bad it has to sit on the San Andreas fault which will likely deliver some bad news in the not-too-distant future.

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