Last month, I was at Brussels doing some work for the European Commission. I had never been there before, so it was a bit of a shame that there was very little time to take a look at the city. Here are a couple of snapshots from my quick explorations anyway. Apologies for the picture quality, I only had my old compact digital camera and cellphone with me.

Ironically, the EC building where I worked was one of the nicest things. Not a bad lobby, eh?

I usually like parks, so one of the first chances I got, I headed to Park de Bruxelles Warandepark – the biggest park in the downtown area. On the the edges it felt alive, with people running around the park:

Unfortunately, when you ventured further in, it was quite close to dead in the center. Even though it was beautiful weather, the park felt like it was abandoned last fall (or some earlier fall for that matter) and left to die. Rather sad.

On the other side of the park the sight was beyond sad and downright filthy. It might’ve been an aftermath of a big event, but I did not expect to find quite this:

That, however, was foreshadowing what I witnessed right in the downtown shopping district also. Look ahead and you see a vibrant shopping street. Look left and there’s a desolate strip of road with everything closed and not a soul in sight. Strange.

You can find photos from this example and more photos from Brussels at the Brussels-album.

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  1. Saara says:

    Nice pics. Did you know BTW that Brussels is the “greenest” capital city in Europe and second greenest in whole world (Washington DC is the greenest), meaning the amount of parks etc. 😀

    I enjoyed the city when I visited there.

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