This is how we get 100,000 immigrant workers?

There’s been a lot of discussion lately how Finland is badly in need of new immigrants to keep the country afloat when the population starts to age and retire. Numbers being tossed around are in the range of needing a minimum of 100,000 new immigrants and 400,000 new employees total. Large numbers for such a small country. Considering there are very few foreigners in the country now, Finland better do some promoting and fast.

And Finland needs to do a lot better job at it than it is doing now, because what promotion there is, is… well… interesting. Here’s a promotional video by the Ministry of Labor which speaks for itself. Remember, this is supposedly geared towards attracting people here – not putting them off.

Click here to see the video.

In case it didn’t speak for itself, we’ll let the Economist put in a few words:

IT MIGHT be the endless pine forests, the locals beating themselves with birch twigs in the sauna or the odd notion of golfing in the snow. Whichever it is, the Finnish labour ministry’s promotional video to attract skilled foreign workers has a ring of desperation.

Oh come on! Seriously.

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3 Responses to This is how we get 100,000 immigrant workers?

  1. Hannu says:

    Horrible! That might have been cool in the 70’s. Someone should get some professional help.

  2. Amy T says:

    Are you kidding? For a long time, it’s been so difficult to relocate to that part of Europe, and now they’re opening up? Count me in! I’ll move to Finland, birch twigs and all.

    Let me rephrase: If Obama doesn’t win the presidency, I will move to Finland. If he wins, we in America might actually have a chance of recovery!

  3. They forgot to mention that general society might be a little, say, sceptical about what is the purpose of your stay, especially if you’re not caucasian…

    I’m so going to put this in my blog. =)

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