Helsinki Freeze

Frozen Grand Central (see video here) was one of the greatest flash mob moments ever. Wicked cool. So cool in fact that everyone obviously had to copy it. Nothing wrong with that of course, as still most people have no idea what flash mobs are and so forth..

Anyhow, today was Helsinki Freeze and I was there. It was a modest success, despite some pretty serious problems with the execution. Namely:

  • The time, place and function got leaked to the media way in advance, and in a way that made them write an article about it before the fact. That sucks. If the traditional media has to be informed – not a bad thing as such – make it so that they don’t write a story beforehand.
  • There were more spectators photographing and ogling at the event than there were participants. It was like a theater for crying out loud.
  • The participants were wandering around and on the scene too much before the designated time. People should enter from random directions only just before the critical moment. As most Finns are, well, not very animated to begin with, the whole scene looked semi-frozen for a long time beforehand.
  • There were too many participants – if you look at the videos, the ratio of passers-by and participants was something like 1-to-9. However, this is actually a positive problem and just means the venue was too small.

Overall, flash mobs should be executed as they were in NYC; first gather the participants – and only the participants – in a park or somewhere shortly before the event. Announce the event only there, so word on what’s going to happen doesn’t leak out. Then set out on the task. A few designated people will shoot the event.

Anyhow, thanks to all the real participants! Great to see this stuff happening here, too, but let’s execute the next one a bit better.


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  1. Megan says:

    Maybe some of the participants should be staged passers-by! 🙂

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