Showers with a (street) view and other oddities at the Housing Fair

Like almost every year, we spent one day at the Housing Fair which was conveniently located in Espoo this year. Overall this year was worse than average – there weren’t as many nice houses as some time ago in Heinola or even in Tuusula. Some observations and photos below (click on the thumbnails for the full image – most of the photos were taken by Sarita).

  • Bathroom fixtures are getting weirder every year. Not only are the faucets bordering on abstract art, the hand basins are becoming works of art while conveniently forgetting that they should be used. Like this one on the right here – sure a wooden hand basin looks nice, and the rectangular form is a cool modern style but come on! How do you clean this? It’s impossible with the corners and edges like that. Plus the let’s – have – a – small – รขโ€šยฌ500 – metal – stick – as – a – faucet – control- style is, IMO, annoying.

  • Kitchens with no room. Like a lot of people know, I love cooking etc, so I always take an extra careful look at the kitchens. It was amazing to see that kitchen (working) table area was in very low supply; in most kitchens, there’s no room to do any real cooking! If you add the couple of necessary non-integrable appliances, where do you roll a dough or do prep work? Don’t people cook anymore? There were only a couple of kitchens with adequate or even good room in the kitchen.

  • External (i.e. separate building) sauna/bathroom things were in fashion. In one house, there was a shower with a nice all-glass door right next to it. And where does the glass door lead to? Theoretically to the yard, but in practise the view you get from the shower (and, incidentally, to the shower) is an intersection. Good for exhibitionists I’m sure, not so good for the rest of us..

    Below left is a view from the door towards the shower and right is the view you get from the shower:

  • In another house a different kind of shower-problem emerged. There the shower was a small recess in the wall – but alas, it was way too short for a normal person to fit in – as witnessed by yours truly standing next to it here on the right.
  • On the yard of the shower-for-midgets-house I also encountered the most braindead yard planning idea ever. Take a look at the photos below, what does it look like to you? I’d say trash. Loads of glass shards and broken china. However, what it in reality was was a decorative (I guess) strip of glass shards on the ground, going around the house. Very child- and pet-friendly and I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled. And so will the owners after visiting the emergency room for glass cuts a few times.

Of course the fair wasn’t a total loss – there were some really nice touches in some houses, and even some great houses themselves. But like I said, below par based on earlier housing fair experience.

The most mind-boggling thing about the whole thing were the prices; a normal house had a calculated (and the calculations are always on the low side) building cost of a cool half a million euros – or more. Half a million! Is building really so expensive that a normal mortal cannot afford a house anymore!?

Think I’ll have to start participating in the weekly lottery.

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2 Responses to Showers with a (street) view and other oddities at the Housing Fair

  1. heather says:

    The hand basin looks nice but it is probably too shallow.. :S And the shower thing is funny.. Maybe you’re too tall, you need to shrink yourself abit. lol.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the kitchen, it looks pretty but then you’re quite right about the space. If they have a long *working* table in the center, then its a whole different story. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Satya says:

    The wooden basin sure looks elegant, but fit only for display purpose.

    All glass door for the shower opening in the yard, so cool ..:)

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