So 80% of the year with freezing temperatures isn’t enough?

I so knew this was coming.

For the past week, we’ve had relatively warm weather here in Finland; daytime temperatures have been hovering around 24-29C (75-85F) and it looks like it will continue for at least a few days to come. Most people, I would like to believe, consider this generally excellent as it’s vacation month and all that. However, whenever we get decent temperatures for such a “long” time, some people start complaining that it’s too hot and it’s been too hot for too long.

Except for those with real problems with dealing with heat, I have zero patience for that kind of whining. Do people not realize that the country is uninhabitably cold for most of the year?! Why, then, for crying out loud, do we have to have these outbursts of oh-it’s-so-warm-i-wish-it-was-winter when it’s been warm for a week? This is what I ran into just today:

First I looked at Uutislehti 100, one of the free local newspapers. There the “Question of the day” was Do you wish it was cooler already?.

I kid you not.

These questions always pop up at about this time and they as such are sad enough, but the real shocker comes when the replies come in..

Then we have a headline “Does it feel uncomfortable yet?” in one of the national tabloids. The article then goes on to explain how humidity affects how uncomfortable the heat feels, basically repeating the same story that comes out every year. I would hope that instead of these “Hey this is why you may feel uncomfortable” they would actually give e.g. the elderly some practical hints on how to alleviate the situation.

Then we had some hero whining in the letters to the editor-column of the same paper. He/she scolded the meteorologists for portraying warm weather with too happy terminology and how +30C (86F) is “torture for any normal mammals”.

Torture, right. So what should the meteorologists say then? That the “scalding heat wave (which, btw, isn’t even considered a heat wave in most countries) continues so further suffering is expected”? How would that actually make anyone feel better?

Instead of whining about it being too hot, I really hope these people would direct their energies towards fighting the climate change, which is on track to more than doubling warm days in Finland over the upcoming decades.

Meanwhile, I’m going to hit the beach again – riding a bike so as not to exacerbate the global warming situation.

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  1. cybbis says:

    So true, so true. I think publicly whining about too hot of a summer should be made punishable by law in Finland. I am not looking forward to freezing tempereatures, I really am not.

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