Small, happy summer coincidences

thumb-fanipala.jpgYesterday, as we were biking from downtown to home, we saw a golf-cart-kind-of thing loaded full with chocolate bars passing us. Feeling a bit hungry, we shortly fantasized about overtaking it and grabbing a box, but decided to be good and let the opportunity pass.

Or so we thought. It turned out no criminal actions were necessary; after about a mile further down the road, we caught up with the cart and its drivers kneeling on the ground. Several boxes had fallen off back of it and now delicious chocolate bars were scattered all over the bikeway. Partly because they couldn’t get all the chocolate bars to fit in the broken boxes and partly because they were on their way to a handout-promo thing anyway, all bypassers got loads of chocolate to go. A delicious free snack 🙂

The trouble with eating large quantities of chocolate on a warm day is that you get thirsty. Continuing biking, the desire to buy something to drink grew stronger. Like the fantasized chocolate robbery, purchasing thirst-quenchers also quickly proved unnecessary: we ran into some teens biking around on Hartwall’s promotional things filled with free Jaffa (a soft drink) that they were passing out to anyone and everyone they saw.

Fueled with free chocolate and free drinks, the rest of the trip went quite smoothly 🙂

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  1. darren says:

    there was people giving out free jaffa in front of kamppi a week or so ago – some teenagers got a few bottles and were emptying the bottles into a drain and then taking them to s-market to get some free money 🙂


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