Random thoughts of the day #5

Yeah I know there’s been some stagnation in the air around this blog lately.. that’ll be fixed soon as vacation nears and thus more a) interesting stuff and b) stuff I can write about will start happening. Meanwhile, here are a couple of random thoughts from the past few days:

    thumb-wheelchair hero.jpg
    I don’t think that’s how they’re used
    One day walking from the local railway station I could hardly believe my eyes. A guy in a wheelchair was happily rolling along – on the road and going against the traffic. Luckily there wasn’t much traffic, otherwise it would’ve ended badly. But still, the sidewalk was in perfect condition and he could easily have taken that instead of going on the road.

    Maybe powered wheelchairs should also require driving licenses.

    Instructions for dumb dog owners
    A picture of a kiosk/cafe door in Katajanokka. One would think these signs are not necessary, but apparently – and sadly – they are.. The sign basically tells dog owners not to let their dog pee on the door but instead use the (nearby) dog park.

    Here I was thinking that we “only” have a problem with people peeing in various improper places.

    Big also in…?
    This Peugeot car ad poster (no enlarged picture available, sorry) has got to be one of the dumbest ads I’ve seen. The tagline is “Suuri myös kooltaan”, which roughly translates to “Big also in size”. Also?! What else is big about it, the price? ’cause that’s the first (and only) thing that came to my mind..

    Maybe it’s linked to some TV ad that I haven’t seen or maybe it’s some kind of sarcastic thing as the depicted car looks like it belongs to the compact-class..

    Quality and Sodexho do not mix
    Summer is a nice season for many reasons in Finland. One of them is that you can actually get good-tasting fruit at reasonable prices, many of them even domestically like strawberries etc. Bananas, however, come from elsewhere but the good thing about bananas is that you can get good bananas pretty much year round.

    It seems our lunch cafeteria, Sodexho, has not been informed of this fact. This is what their selection looked like the other day – appealing, huh?

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4 Responses to Random thoughts of the day #5

  1. Antti says:

    I have to agree with the Sodexho comment. We had a Sodexho cafeteria back in our university and even though they praised their quality – the reality did not quite meet their marketing clauses.

  2. heather says:

    wow the guy in the wheelchair is amazing… i think that he forgot that people in Finland drives like kimi räikkonen.. And the bananas.. maybe they should use it to make some nice dessert, as least it wont look so ugly sitting there….

  3. sim says:

    Heather; that’s precisely what I’m afraid they are doing with the bananas.. after they’ve been rejected for a few days, up comes a Banana surprise dessert or something similar. Scary 😉

  4. Patrick says:

    Heya –

    I know it’s been about a year and a half since you posted this but I think I can tell you why the guy is motoring on the road.

    I’m in a power chair myself and while the sidewalk may have looked like “it’s a good sidewalk” to someone with feet – it probably wasn’t. Not the sidewalk itself – but getting on and off the sidewalk. You have no idea how many US curb cuts are NOT accessible (too narrow, too steep, 2″ height difference between roadbed and curbcut). Looking up the street (on the opposite side of the street from the wheelie) in your picture there doesn’t even appear to be any sort of curb cut at the next crossing.

    So yeah, there are sometimes I end up having to “play in traffic” – I don’t like it but when a 2″ height difference in pavement is as much of a barrier as a 10 foot tall brick wall is to someone with feet – you’ll keep seeing things like this.

    Just thought I’d get you looking at where you put your feet and thinking about what if a 2″ height difference in pavement meant you couldn’t go where you needed.

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