Summer is on!

The above image is the weather forecast for the following few days in Helsinki. The weather has been great for the past week or so and it looks the same will continue. The forecast above is a more boring, but more informative, representation of the fact that summer has (finally) arrived to Finland than the below shots from the past couple of days:

Summer, at least when it’s as good as this, means that any time spent inside (like sitting at a computer and writing a blog) is officially put on the back-burner as activities like enjoying the weather take priority. It’s one of the curses of Finland – a moral imperative to be outside every single minute when the weather is good.

Whether all this has any effect on blogging frequency is uncertain; on one hand it reduces time available to write anything, but on the other hand being “out there” greatly increases the chances of running into anything noteworthy. In any case it seems that I’ve gotten lazy with writing this year. It used to be so that whenever I thought of something to write about, I wrote down a sentence or two immediately and then sometime later, when I had time, finished writing the actual blog post. Now it seems the sentence or two is as far as I get in the process, with ever-increasing pile of ideas but no time to write an actual post – and no one else to wrap them up for me either 🙂

And finally, the point of this otherwise entirely content-free post is to wish a happy summer for all the readers on the northern hemisphere!

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2 Responses to Summer is on!

  1. heather says:

    it’s too hot here… helpp! hehe!

  2. sim says:

    Too hot!? Heather, there’s got to be something seriously wrong with you 😉

    It’s _never_ too hot in Finland. I repeat, never.

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