Hard whatever hallelujah

By now everyone has probably noticed that Finland won the Eurovision song contest with a somewhat different performer than has been the case with the pop-competition earlier; Lordi.

Sadly, the advertisers have also noticed it and are now rampant in creating supposedly funny spin-offs of the winning song title Hard Rock Hallelujah. The first I noticed was Pepsi, who came out with the slogan “Hard Drink Hallelujah”, as can be seen in the photo here.

The next I saw was Esso (Exxon’s Finnish fuel station chain, of all places) with the ad here on the right. I’m not actually even sure what it referes to, but I guess it’s about hot dogs.

I wonder how many more are coming up before the advertisers and/or the companies realize that it’s a pretty lame idea.

Of course, if you believe the any publicity is good publicity-argument, the ads obviously work – and by writing this I’m adding to the success. If, on the other hand, they are actually trying to get some sales for their products, I hope they fail as miserably among the wider audience as they have failed with me.

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3 Responses to Hard whatever hallelujah

  1. poohie says:

    And soon enough, there will be a monsterpornmovie called “Hard Cock Hallelujah!”. Sad.

  2. kakka says:

    Still waiting for the first pron producer to come up with some creative name for their next film like “Hard Cock Hallelujah”…

  3. kakka says:

    Obviously I should have replied sooner 🙂

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