Recommended reading of the week

Many of my weeks are dominated by text; reading and writing. In the course of any given week, I stumble upon many interesting articles or documents. Below are a few interesting ones from the archives:

Gregory D. Foster: “A New Security Paradigm” (WorldWatch Magazine)

    This article was published in WorldWatch magazine about a year ago and is now available for free download. It’s written by a US Military expert on how the view of national and global security having to do with military action and defense is woefully wrong and how efforts should be placed in a completely different place – the environment. I know most people already know this, but judging from how little is done about it, environmental problems cannot be overstated.

Clive Thompson: Meet the Life of Hackers (NY Times)

    An interesting article detailing how destructive interruptions are to work and how they could be managed better. However, the single most useful and actionable information in here is that getting a subsctantially bigger monitor can vastly improve the perfomance and productivity of an IT-worker. Something to share with your boss 😉

New Research Explores Multi-Sided Markets (Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge)

    An interesting interview with Andrei Hagiu who has been studying multi-sided markets, something I’ve been digging into lately with regards to the credit card business and how it functions. Nothing earth-shatteringly new emerges in the interview, but it’s still a good introduction as to what two or multi-sided markets are and how they differ – critically – from “normal” markets.
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