Sunsets are nice but the timing sucks

Last weekend, we took a leisurely sunset walk – soon after lunch. That’s the problem with the Finnish winter: on the rare occasions that we’ve got clear skies, the sunset is an event taking place before 4pm in the afternoon. Not only does it cause the working population to miss sunshine entirely during the weekdays, but it also messes with your mind: by 6pm you’re ready to go to bed since your brain is telling you that “it must be really late since it’s been dark for hours now”. Not exactly a conducive state of mind for reading, writing, exercise or really any activity other than eating chocolate and sleeping.

Anyhow, fighting the urge to lie down and hibernate for a few months like our lizard I’m so envious of, we headed downtown. There we discovered that Aleksanterinkatu has gotten it’s “Christmas lights” again. I like the lights, they make the street look quite nice. I do, however, wish they would come up with something more original one of these years, but I guess there’s something reassuringly comforting in seeing the same lights year in and year out.

The mood, weather and atmosphere of more than one kind is starting to resemble wintertime in Finland. All we are missing is the snow – as much as I hate the concept of it being so cold that snow can survive, it would make everything look much lighter and prettier. There’s no point in suffering through the cold and dark winters if you don’t even get any snow, so come on, let’s have some!

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2 Responses to Sunsets are nice but the timing sucks

  1. heather says:

    aw the lights remind me of the time i was living in helsinki again.. 🙂 so nice….

  2. Rowena says:

    But you have blue skies in those photos so at least when it is light you have skies! Not like the UK’s low grey wet sky. I’d rather have short days than constant low sky…

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