For sustenance or enjoyment?

Food. We all need it to survive. However, it’s evident that people have vastly differing attitudes when it comes to eating. For some, it’s just sustenance, almost an annoyance that has to be done. The metric of a good meal for some people might be as simple as speed and convenience or the price/mass-ratio.

As for me, I’ve always had more of a love relationship to food. When I eat, I’m usually looking for much more than just calories to chunk down. I want it to look good, be made of diverse good-quality ingredients and I want it to taste great. Usually that criteria alone is enough to make for a healthy meal, too. Every meal could be an adventure; either a familiar one that one has enjoyed many times before, or a new exciting one, a journey into new tastes and scents. Of course, in the real world not all meals can be adventures (of the good kind anyway), but I still believe lunch and dinner should be among the highlights of the day – and that asking for good food shouldn’t be asking for too much.

This attitude towards food was behind so actively looking for alternatives to our office canteen, hence the post on lunch restaurants a couple days back. You see, the food at the office canteen can usually be summed up as bland and of not-really-great quality. The experience of eating there rarely stirs up any great positive emotions.

This rant is not meant to imply that the staff at the workplace canteen are somehow deliberately cooking deficient food. I’m sure they’re doing the best they can, trying to stay within tight budgets while looking to please all of the diverse clientele – obviously an impossible task. What’s more, I suppose it’s just my loss that most people in Finland seem to enjoy food that has, to my senses, no taste whatsoever.

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  1. Oh, now I started to worry about the cafeteria food in Finland. Here in Boston, I have got used to eating diverse ethnic foods, which are very tasty and usually made on order. I will so much miss my favorite joints.

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