What if…

What if you…

  • Enjoyed the good weather when we have it instead of complaining about the lousy weather?
  • Tried to see the beautiful nature all around us, not the trashes?
  • Bought a present for your friend instead of the newest vanity item?
  • Thanked someone when getting good service instead of (or, hey, at least in addition to) complaining when you get bad service?
  • Tried to enjoy the present, this day, this moment, instead of planning how great something will be when…?
  • Were thankful for the big things that are good instead of whining for the small things that aren’t?
  • Smiled at the next person you pass by instead of avoiding the eye contact or just looking depressed?

What if all this was not just wishful thinking?

What if doing all that for more than a moment was not so damn difficult?

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One Response to What if…

  1. Rowena says:

    Here Here. It’s not difficult. I think the last few weeks I can (hopefully unvainly) say I have lived / thought like this and could agree with every statement. It makes life more rewarding and seem simpler.

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