On late Friday evening, the 8th annual fireworks Finnish championship competition was held in Helsinki. As usual, tens of thousands of people had gathered along the coastline in Kaivopuisto, Kauppatori and Katajanokka to watch the show. The weather was perfect – not a cloud in sight and not too cold.

The fireworks themselves were a little underwhelming, but it was a nice evening regardless. The fireworks being not-so-fascinating (don’t get me wrong, they were ok, but not spectacular as fireworks are supposed to be.), other targets captured my photographic interest also. Below are some photos from the evening / night:

I really like this photo on the left. Even if I say so myself, it came out pretty good. It’s taken from next to the market square – towards the Esplanadi park – at the time of the fireworks with an exposure time of 30 seconds.

On an administrative note, I’ve added a Photos-category, gone through all the posts and added those having significant photographic material to the Photos-category also. This should help in finding photos not included in the galleries. Like all of the above.

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