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Drawback of the ICE-plan

Lately the UK-originated ICE-campaign has gotten more attention again. The idea of ICE (standing for In Case of Emergency) is to add an entry called ICE on your cellphone’s contact list. This way, if something happens to you, paramedics can immediately figure out who to call. This sounds like a simple, solid and good plan.

But there’s a drawback: if you store the same number on your phone under more than one name, you are no longer displayed the name of the calling person – just the number, as the phone cannot guess whether it’s “ICE” or “Wife” (or whatever) who’s calling. With that, you lose personalized incoming call ringtones and images also.

A fire extinguisher where?

I’m not quite sure if this is a joke, an ingenious idea, a worrysome signal or something else. Anyhow, I saw a fire extinguisher sign on a streetlamp. First thought: “Funny, hope nobody looks for one in there!” But then, looking around, the lamp pole was a markedly thicker than the surrounding ones, making me think that maybe there was something inside after all.. But why? How do you open it? And why here? Is the place some kind of an unusually dangerous intersection where cars tend to burst up in flames all the time, warranting a closeby extinguisher?

The long shadow of summer

So we’ve had a couple of fairly warm days with temperatures even above +20C. The fact that summer is still winding down is evident from two things. First, mornings are damn cold, +10C or so – which is annoying because you have to wear a jacket which you’re not going to need during the day. Second, shadows become very long and the sun grows tired… like in this photo on the right taken just after 7pm – if catching your shadow is hard work even normally, what about when it’s running 10 meters ahead of you all the time?! 🙂 Give it a few months and this is what your shadow will look like at noon.

Sorry for the crappy cameraphone-photos…

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2 Responses to Random thoughts

  1. Rowena says:

    I just stored my ICE numbers as the sole entry for that person, as I have “ICE Mum Australia” (so the people know who they are calling!) and “ICE UK”. I don’t have an ICE in Finland because I didn’t know anyone well enough… But I really need one as I have been walking on the edge of a lot of highways lately…

  2. sim says:

    In retrospect, that’s pretty funny. You could add us as your ICE Finland.. unless of course you’re afraid that in case someone finds you wandering along the highway in a delirious state, I’d answer the phone “Oh sure, that’s where she’s supposed to be, no worries!” 😉

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