Paper industry, get a clue!

Sometimes it seems that some industry is constantly on strike in Finland. The talk for the past few weeks has been centered on the paper industry (who, btw, are already being paid way more than other industrial workers) and the frontier guards. The paper industry has been on strike or lockout for weeks now.

I don’t know much about the frontier guards-case but one can hardly avoid hearing about the paper industry mess. My subjective opinion is that the workers are demanding too much under the circumstances. But in any case, the relative demands and the identity of the “guilty” party don’t really matter; whoever is to blame, the effects on the industry are the same: everybody suffers.

Everybody in the paper industry, that is. The rest of us are doing quite okay, thanks for asking: the much-hyped shortage of paper (particularly toilet paper) never materialized as importing the paper from abroad has solved that problem. And this is where the real danger lies – it turned out that Finland is, in fact, not the only country in the world producing paper. In addition, importing the required paper from other countries has not proved to be substantially more expensive than the local variety. Given this, I wonder how many companies are going to switch to using foreign paper as the primary source? After all, if their delivery is more reliable and prices competitive, why wouldn’t they?

Basically I think the industry is just begging for even more trouble than they’re already in. It’s like watching kids argue in a sandbox.

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3 Responses to Paper industry, get a clue!

  1. heather says:

    I think that they should start to realised that, (both the companies and the workers..) it is a sad that the country needs to import paper when it is infact one of the largest paper producer in the world.

    Is “going on strike” becoming a fashion in Finland? Everybody is going on strike. Bus drivers, paper industry workers, even the guards at the frontier… It’s scaring me.

  2. sim says:

    It sure seems to be fashionable this year. Hardly a week goes by without somebody either going on strike or threating to go on strike.

    I think it’s a sign that something is seriously wrong if you have to resort to strikes this often. But mostly I think it’s just that the industries are too short-sighted & self-centered – while actually using collateral damage as their bargaining tool, they fail to see the “really big picture”.

  3. Antti says:

    Check this out – American paper workers are joining in on the strike:

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